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harpy bench

30”(L) x 59”(W) x 28”(H) x 14”(SH) (38 lbs)
76 cm(L) x 150 cm(W) x 71 cm(H) x 36 cm(SH) (17 k)

The new harpy bench is the perfect seat for a lazy Saturday and daydreamers. Invite a friend or two as this bench comfortably sits up to three people. No arm rests makes sitting in any position comfortable; you may even be tempted to take a nap. The breathable vinyl weave is great for outdoors as it dries fast after rain and won't lose color or integrity in the sun. Available in 18 shades of colorfast UV-resistant woven vinyl cord and 4 durable frame finishes. Note: Chrome and copper frame finishes are suitable for indoor use only. Proudly handmade in Toronto. Please allow for two weeks delivery for the United States and Canada.

Additional Info

  • Weatherproof
  • Breathable
  • Easy to clean & doesn’t stay wet
  • Will never blow over
  • Cool as breeze passes over it
  • Seat does not get hot in the sun (not even the black)
  • May be easily disassembled for convenient storage and transport


  • Chairs may be woven in multiple colors and patterns
  • Custom colors may be ordered for an additional $500 (unlimited quantity)
  • Protected against UV rays and mould
  • 18 Available colors


  • Stainless steel frames available as custom order
  • Custom frame finish may be ordered for an additional $500 (unlimited quantity)
  • Frames are e-coated to increase lifespan
  • Powder coated frames are suitable for outdoor use (chrome and copper for indoor)
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