story of innit

What We Do

At Innit Designs, we manufacture contemporary furniture for outdoors and indoors, with a focus on commercially approved designs suitable for hotels, restaurants, and stylish homes.

Many of our designs incorporate an element of woven vinyl (PVC) cord on a powder-coated or plated steel frame. We also weave our furnishings with other materials, including palm leafleather, hemp, cotton, and parachute cord.

In 2009 Innit introduced the USA, Canada, and many other parts of the world to the Acapulco Chair, which has now become an international classic. There are many replicas out there now, so make sure you get the first and highest quality, commercially approved Acapulco chair from us.

We have a catalog of 25+ designs available in a broad range of colors and color patterns. We also have 50+ existing designs we produce for larger commercial projects. For design trade members who would like access to these designs, please just ask us here.

How It All Started

Paul Yacht, the founder and principal of Innit got his start in the world of design by working as a set decorator in Toronto’s busy film industry.

Fast forward to 2002, when Paul decided to follow his dreams and head south to Puerto Escondido, Mexico to kick back and learn how to surf. For fun and to make enough cash for a rustically opulent life on the beach, he opened a beachside bookstore/cinema/surf-shop/bar and used Acapulco Chairs as cinema seating and lounge chairs for the bookstore.

The decision to use these retro classics was obvious. They’re cool, comfortable, versatile, unique, and easy to hose down when soda or cerveza spilled (the popcorn dropped right through). After fielding requests from all over the world for these chairs he decided to perfect the design and export them to Canada and the USA. And so Innit was born.

In 2011, as the business grew, Innit moved north of the Rio Grande and is now located in Toronto.

Paul works from the beach and continues to surf as often as possible…

Innit Designs Environmental Responsibility Statement

At Innit Designs, we are committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability in every aspect of our business. Our core belief is that responsible manufacturing can coexist with innovative design, and we are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact.

Material Selection: Our furniture is crafted using a woven vinyl (plastic) cord, a durable and versatile material. While it is true that the cord is made from a non-renewable resource, we take pride in our approach to using minimal material compared to most other furniture designed for similar purposes. This not only reduces our environmental footprint but also promotes resource efficiency. Our materials are locally sourced; in particular, our plastic beads never travel on water.  This deliberate choice is also aimed at greatly reducing the potential for ecological danger associated with their transport and also reducing the associated carbon footprint.

Durability and Longevity: We design our furniture with longevity in mind. Our woven vinyl seats are incredibly durable and resistant to environmental forces, ensuring an expected lifespan of at least a decade outdoors and a lifetime or more indoors. This durability significantly outperforms many similar products in the market, resulting in a substantial reduction in waste and resource consumption.

Refurbishability: Innit Designs stands by the idea that sustainable practices extend beyond manufacturing. Our furniture can be refurbished using our replacement vinyl cord, promoting a circular economy. By offering a straightforward process for cleaning or refreshing worn-out pieces, we encourage customers to extend the life of their furniture, reducing the overall demand for new products.

Recycled Materials: Approximately 30% of the vinyl used in our furniture is sourced from recycled plastic, and 50% of our steel components are composed of recycled steel. By incorporating recycled materials into our production, we contribute to the reduction of waste and the conservation of valuable resources.

Packaging: We prioritize minimal and eco-friendly packaging. Where possible, we utilize recycled materials for our packaging, further reducing our ecological impact. Our commitment to sustainable packaging reflects our dedication to responsible practices throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Charitable Support: Innit Designs proudly supports thePlastic Oceanscharity, whose mission is to reduce plastic pollution worldwide. By aligning ourselves with organizations dedicated to environmental stewardship, we actively contribute to global efforts to address plastic waste and promote a healthier planet.

Opposition to Single-Use Plastics: We staunchly oppose the use of single-use plastics and advocate against any short-lifecycle use of plastic. Our focus on creating enduring products reflects our belief in the positive, long-term impact of responsible manufacturing practices.

Paul, the owner, organizes regular beach cleanups in his adopted hometown of Puerto Escondido, Mexico, where huge amounts of plastics land on the shores after the first rains in the spring.  Let us know if you'd like to join one of these massive cleanups, and get in touch with us or with Plastic Oceans if you'd like to organize your own on your home beach.

Innit Designs remains steadfast in our commitment to environmental responsibility. We believe in the transformative power of responsible design and manufacturing, and we will continue to innovate and set new standards for sustainability in the furniture industry. Together, let us build a future where style and environmental consciousness seamlessly coexist.

The birthplace of Innit Designs

PJ's (Paul's) book bodega in Puerto Escondido, Mexico - 2002

Furniture weavers at our headquarters in Toronto, Canada